Girls, I got serious relationship anxiety and broke up with my girlfriend but I want her back?

I dated this girl for three months, first girlfriend ever, and she was more than just obsessed with me, she said I was the best boyfriend she has ever had multiple times. I liked it at first but the pressure started to build up, I was doing so much for her and I felt like it still wasn't good enough, I began to grow distant even though I should have paid her more attention i'll admit it. She got jealous a lot too. I ended up breaking up with her but the next day I felt like I made a huge mistake. We hung out for two weeks but not as a couple, just friends, I should have reignited it I don't know what I was doing. She wanted things to go back to normal. Eventually I went home for spring break, she stayed at school. It distanced us so when I got back I asked her to hang a lot. Eventually she said she lost feelings for me and was talking to someone else she liked, but then tried to hide it afterwards. I acted desperate even wrote her a letter and gave her a rose. Regardless we had a huge fight but both apologized the next day. Its been a month since I've last talked to her and a week ago she followed me on instagram with a brand new account for "modeling" something she always told me about. We see each other in person and don't even say anything except from a little smile from her, either at me or for me? I feel like she still thinks about me all the time since she gets lonely a lot. I miss her and I'm ready to commit to her like when we first met. I think i'm gonna text her in a day or two and see how she is and slowly try to get her to meet up. Do I have any chance based off of this?


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  • tell her this

    • All of this? I feel like if I gave her too much information so soon it would make me seem desperate and only drive her further away.

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