I broke up with my boyfriend, but he keeps calling and texting me?

I broke op With my boyfriend the other day.
but he keeps on trying to get in contakt With me.
he's 25 and gets deprest very easely. (was thinking about suecide after his previos bakeup)

i dont want to hurt his feelings more than i have to (was very direk and kinda Cold heartet when i broke up with him)
but now im not to sure about what to do.


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  • He needs to understand that its over and it's not just a fight. He needs to find support but not from relationships. I've had the same issue but opposite genders. she would always say that she would kill herself if I left and she never did it. He may be depressed but he doesn't seem suicidal.


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  • block him. it's better not to string him along and let him become dependent on you. Plus it's not fair that you have to deal with that bull he's a grown ass man


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  • Ignore him, you made the decision, thats just sad for him to be desperate. Girl powerrrr

  • Tell him to get some help. Take him to some place to get a support system, and Dont get back with him if you don't want to.


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