My ex told me to find someone knew. He said so even before the breakup. What does this mean?

Before the final breakup, we had prety intense arguments, that made his feelings fade.

one night as we were going out, he told me that i should keep good relationships with my cousin (who introduced us to each other) because in case we breakup he could help me find someone new.

Right after the breakup he told me this "find someone new as soon as possible, and move on with your life. Loose every single hope that we will ever get back together".

Two months after the breakup we had a conversation via phone (he lives abroad). During that conversation when he asked me if there's something new in my life and i responded with yes, he said he's happy to hear that.
Then I asked him why his acquaintance sent me a friend request, he told me that the person who sent that request is not his friend so he told me "good luck with him".

What does this mean? Does it mean that he has someone new? Does it mean that he played me from the beggining? I am so confused!


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  • I would speculate that he is seeing someone new and it will make him feel better if you have someone else too but who knows for sure.


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