Maybe not so obvious?

idk how to say this but I want to prepare for a break up... things are so wonderful with my boyfriend I love him but we have realized that there are some things that would prevent us from being with each other things we could not change because its just who we are and we could not pretend its not there because it would just hurt us both, I have told him that I would fight for him and do whatever I can to make us work but it just feels as if its coming closer and closer I really like him I see myself with him so I know this is going to hurt what am I going to do just let it go or continue fighting?


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  • You've got to think, what's going to hurt more, the fighting? or the letting go? and you've also got to think which is the best outcome in the long run. This sounds like a difficult situation and I really feel for you. I love my boyfriend so much and if I was in the same position I don't think I could let him go. Although I don't really know what's preventing your realtionship from working, it sounds like it must be a pretty big deal. All I can say is I can't see myself without my boyfriend, he is everything to me and I would do anything to fight for my relationship, but if its going to hurt you both to have to think what's best. This isn't really a question that can be answered by someone else. Its what your heart tells you (<<<cringe I know lol but true)

    Good luck, I wish you all the best.

    Faye x


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