I need an ice breaker!

There's this guy I kinda like but he's only in one of my classes at school and we don't hang out with the same people however I've heard that he likes me a bit too. in the class we have together I only know a few people and so only really hang out with them (its a sport class) but I need a reason to talk to him. what do I do?

its not that I've never spoken too him, I've spoken to him outside of school and stuff. the problem it I need an opportunity to speak to him because he's never alone and I don't know the people he hangs out with.


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What Guys Said 1

  • wear lakers' jersey tomorrow ! and he'll talk to you.

    • HA lol doesn't work so well when you live in aus but thanks :p

    • Oh,, I didn't know,,

      then try ure national team's. and ask him abt his expectations for aus team in the w c.

What Girls Said 1

  • Lean over and ask,

    "Hey, I"m sorry could you answer a question for me?"

    He'll say somethign to the effect of yes

    "Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?"

    He'll probably say he doesnt' know

    "Enough to break the ice, hey I'm (insert your name here)"

    It's stupid but it's always been my favorite 'cause it's f***ing adorable.

    • Haha that's so cute but he knows my name already plus most of the guys in my class are jerks and would just humiliate me :/

    • Well screw them. Adorable girls are adorable, regardless of what they think.

      Otherwise just ask him how he is, what's going on. You don't need a reason to talk, just talk.

    • Ill try that and thanks :)

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