My ex boyfriend?

i broke up with him because he cheated on me we have a daughter together amd he claims it isn't his because his girlfriend now dosnt like kids. we started hanging out and ended up sleepimg together twice and he promised he wasn't usimg me and he had feelings for me and wanted to leave her he started kissing me amd cuddling me like we were dating and then just stopped and got rude again when he was around her i tried to tell her he cheated but he keeps lying to her saying i threw myself at him and i actually had feelings for him again i dkmt know what to do she won't belive ne and now he dosnt wanna be around his daughter.


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  • He sounds like an immature idiot who doesn't want responsibility and doesn't have much of a conscience because he rarely has to deal with consequences. If you haven't already had a paternity test done to prove that he is the father then I would seek legal advice because if this guy thinks that he can escape all of his responsibilities then he is wrong and should be reminded of that. If he has made a child with you then he is partly responsible for paying for that child.

    In general though, you should not get further involved in his new relationship. If his new girlfriend is naive enough to fall for his bullshit then there's nothing more you can do for her.

    • yea were waiting for thr test results but either way i dont think it matters he's just trying to get her taken from me now

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    • He may well just be threatening you rather than seriously planning to go through with it. That wouldn't surprise me.

      You can't make him be around his daughter or be interested in you but you can definitely make him pay maintenance so that you don't have to shoulder all of the expenses. Other than that you can only move on with your life.

    • yea me either

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  • i know that's not an easy task, but you better try to find a good guy for you who will also be a father for your daughter.
    your ex is definitly not the right one.

    • yea i just wanted him to be a part of her life

    • at some day that might be possible, but if he treats you like shit i don't think he will a good influence on your daughter. am i right?

    • yea your right

  • Wow that's rude as fuck I'm sorry he put you through that it just seems all guys are major dicks these days

  • You didn't married him?


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