Do you deleted your ex from facebook after breakup?

This question is the one I'm unable to answer myself, since a year ago.
I feel like I need to do it, but whenever I try doing it, it stops me and makes me thing: "Shall I do this? Will I feel bad after that?" and another quetions like that.

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  • I don't delete them, but I do unfollow their activity on Facebook. That way we're still Facebook friends but I don't have to see anything they post or anything.


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  • i have deleted!!!


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  • I always cut all means of contact with an ex. I have no need to have them in my life , even on social media. I remove all traces of an ex from my life, then i move on.

    • Perhaps I should do the same, once she have another boyfriend and sometimes I still think about her, I'm over her for sure just didn't know it's good idea to remove her or not.

  • I would


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