I was Selfish, she left, I need help?

so whats happened is my girlfriend of two and a half years broke up with me and im feeling completely lost, just to put it into context it was my own fault and i can except 100% of the blame, so basically the first year of our relationship was great, we went out, would laugh for hours and just have some really good fun dates and were just so into eachother, as time went on, i went in and out of a few jobs, it put a lot of stress on her, bills, bad habbits and food are just some of the few things shed constantly support me with, and it went on for a while, shed beg me to get a job and to do something with myself, but i was just completely selfish about it and did not try anywhere near as hard as i could, i started speaking to her pretty nastily sometimes, got lazier and used more and more of her resources, things were pretty rough towards the end, but then i got a decent job, but even still bringing in more money i was being cheap and selfish, big bloody mistake! I really started to try and change who id become, buy us dinner every week, go out and support us, even got her some gifts as sorry and thank you, but silly me, it wasn't just the money or the bills but so much more, i would ask questions in a way to get what i want, i did speak to her like crap, as much as it looked like i was using her, it was not intentional, by the time i realised all the tiny little things that I was doing it was too late, she was gone, i was blocked and now she hates me, i just need some advice guys, I really love this girl more than i love anything on this shit hole of a planet, i really hurt and used her, and I've been trying to make it right for the last 3 weeks, she still wants nothing to do with me, let alone trying again, but now that i see everything that i ever did to her, i want to change and be who she needs me to be, problem is she doesn't want me at all, my main question here i guess, should itreat it like movie and fight for what i love and believe in, or do i simply let go?


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  • give it time... and maybe try to regain her trust slowly... if with time you see no difference well Yes i ad vice you to let go...😊after all it is only 3 weeks..

    • im going to give it some time, the thing that makes it hard to fight for is the fact that she has blocked me on everything!! i feel like the longer she doesn't talk to me the further shell distance herself amd the more shell realise how much she doesn't need me, i didn't cheat or any of that low shit but i did take a lot for granted

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    • nah well i need to be harsh on myself there is no one to blame, it also feels good to own up to my actions because thats what gives me room amd wisdom to grow as a person! oh yeah for sure, if there ever is a next time haha

    • of course there will be!!😊

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