Does giving space work? Is it worth taking it slow if we reconnect?

So still crazy for this loner and want people's views/experience if giving space works and if reconnecting is worth it?

Fell for a loner.. together for 2 months. He freaked out and we're giving each other space.. Will ask him to meet in a week.
(FYI: He's kind, attentive and isn't used to anyone caring about him. Never had a serious relationship and isn't close to any human being in his life)

Opinions please? x
Yes.. It will give him a chance to miss you. And he if he doesn't then sod him.
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Yes... But you need to set down your ground rules when you reconnect
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Yes.. It's worth a shot if you really like each other.
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Yes... Because he's a loner (He really is a loner, I fell for a loner)
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No... Because he'll probably do it again
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No... The trust is already broken and he can't like you enough to let you go
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+1 y
UPDATE: He didn't ask for space, I gave it to him before he asked as he's a loner (The space was my idea for both of us).. He contacted me after 5 days and we're meeting as 'friends' for now...
Made it clear to him you have all of me or nothing.
Going to set down what I want from a partner and if he can't do that then we'll remain friends x
Does giving space work? Is it worth taking it slow if we reconnect?
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