Does giving space work? Is it worth taking it slow if we reconnect?

So still crazy for this loner and want people's views/experience if giving space works and if reconnecting is worth it?

Fell for a loner.. together for 2 months. He freaked out and we're giving each other space.. Will ask him to meet in a week.
(FYI: He's kind, attentive and isn't used to anyone caring about him. Never had a serious relationship and isn't close to any human being in his life)

Opinions please? x
  • Yes.. It will give him a chance to miss you. And he if he doesn't then sod him.
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  • Yes... But you need to set down your ground rules when you reconnect
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  • Yes.. It's worth a shot if you really like each other.
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  • Yes... Because he's a loner (He really is a loner, I fell for a loner)
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  • No... Because he'll probably do it again
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  • No... The trust is already broken and he can't like you enough to let you go
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  • No or yes other? leave comment
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UPDATE: He didn't ask for space, I gave it to him before he asked as he's a loner (The space was my idea for both of us).. He contacted me after 5 days and we're meeting as 'friends' for now...
Made it clear to him you have all of me or nothing.
Going to set down what I want from a partner and if he can't do that then we'll remain friends x


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  • "I need some space" usually translates as "I don't want to be with you any more but I don't want the trauma of going through a break up, so I am sending you away under false pretenses." If he is sincere about just back away fro a little while, you need to have a very candid discussion about what happened that made him feel penned in and what you can do to avoid that in the future. You may want some ground rules about how frequently you will see each other, how much contact you will have through FB, text, phone calls, etc.

    • He didn't say he needs space.. I figured he needed space because he is a loner so gave it before he asked.
      Update: He freaked out as is a loner and wants a relationship but is struggling with it/ Also overthinks.
      He's contacted me and we're meeting as 'friends'..
      Will make it clear what I need from a partner, if he can't compromise then we'll remain friends.
      thanks x

Most Helpful Girl

  • This sound more like a coward way of breaking up...

    • Thanks for the MHO

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What Guys Said 4

  • I can guarantee you that if you start giving space, your love for each other decreases.

    • Agreed. Didn't then but now I agree x

    • Actually I have a lot of experiences about broken relationships, so I always try to give best advice. Just chill girl... Nothing wrong can happen to you.

  • Giving space may be the best especially if the guy is a loner.
    It will give him a chance to miss you. And he if he doesn't then sod him.

  • Space is a breakup. You had your shot it didn't work and isn't meant to be. Get over it and move on

    • You didn't read the info? If he was a normal guy and not a loner I wouldn't be asking this question. I'd know what space means to someone who's not a loner. But he is one and it's alien to me.

    • I did read it. He isn't interested. Move on

  • babe you have a good alternative here , am searching and ready


What Girls Said 3

  • if he's a loney he values his time alone, you should just be busy with yourself, he isn't too used to being in a relationship and making emotional connections between another person and himself

    • loner* lol

    • I know this already. I know his behaviour pattern and what he's used to..
      What I'm asking is it it worth trying to reconnect with a loner? Or will It be just as pointless as building a boat out of paper? x

    • yeah but make a pact with yourself if this is the last time you're willing to try... go and meet up and resolve it :)

  • Well, from what I know, introverted guys tend to enjoy their alone time. If he does want his space because of who he is personally and not because he isn't interested, you need to give him time to himself. You also need to realize that this will have to be a normal thing with him, giving him space and then seeing/contacting him. A lot of the time you have to wait for them to come to you, but if he is only wanting to see you like once every week, then I would actually reassess if he's someone I would want to pursue.

    • jobs and distance living away from each other makes it difficult to see him more than once a week. And more than once a week is a bit much to begin with to me.. Your opinion has helped though.. thanks x

  • i think it is a must for a healthy relationship


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