How do I move on from this?

After a two year relationship I am not 8.5 months pregnant with twins. My boyfriend and I started having real trouble, a small town rumor got started that the babies aren't his and so now he has doubt and so we had separated giving each other space so I thought but apparently he took it as a break up because it's only been two weeks and he has a new girlfriend telling me he wants us to take things day by day and focus on being parents first. Clearly I'm devestated. My little family is torn and I'm not sure what to do or how to act. I'm also afraid I'll never meet someone who will love me and my babies. I'm also afraid of another woman spending time with me babies this isn't fair. I want to do what's right.


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  • If he's willing to leave over a rumour be happy you're finding out now instead of later! All you can really do is raise your babies to the best of your ability :)


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  • you should do DNA test.. and not worry..


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