Why can't I stop thinking about my ex?

So, I've broken up with my former long term boyfriend months ago. We broke up over infidelity issues. He cheated on me for four months while I was living out of our home state. The chick called me up and told me they'd been having sex unprotected the whole time. So you can imagine how bad I felt. We had been together for almost five years.
Now I have a new boyfriend and we dated a few weeks after I split with my former. I wasn't planning on jumping into something new so fast but, he was a gentleman. I like everything about him. He makes me laugh and smile and everything under the sun.
My problem is I tried to be a listening ear for my ex because he was going through things and the friend in me didn't wanna let him crawl in a ball and die. He grew tired of me being inconsistent with phone calls so he decided we shouldn't talk AT ALL.
My heart sank and I was hurt. But I had to realize I have some body better. It's just that I miss the spontaneous and thrilling old relationship. I find myself not wanting to listen to certain songs or eat at certain places because those were "our" spots.
The thought of me so close to being a year with my new boyfriend scares me because I don't want a repeat. I want to be with my new boyfriend but I keep thinking of my last one.
Why do I feel like this? Why is he still in my head?
P. s. I've deleted our photos but he still has his on his social media... what's that all about?


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  • Sometimes it's a matter of learning how to deal with his thoughts rather than trying to just completely forget about him. Obviously he was a big part of your life. But he is gone for a reason. It can be easy to just remember all the good and not bad. Try to think about your new boyfriend when you think about you ex. And try to remember all the hurt your ex did to you. I think everyone still thinks about their ex every now and again, but you can't focus on the past. Focus on the present.


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  • hey if that guy don't care then why you care for him just give kick on his fucking ass and try to forget that shit

  • Because you still love him


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