Why does my exgirlfriend stalk me while she has a boyfriend?

We broke up more than a year ago and things got complicated. Long story short we had a huge fight to end our connection and we did some really bad things to each other. I guess she's moved in with her abusive boyfriend (I'm not sure because I don't check any of her on social media or anything and I don't even wanna hear about her but that was one of the last things she told me)

Some weird thing has happened recently a couple of times. Just so you know she used to have multiple facebook accounts to check me even when we were still together. In the past couple of weeks I noticed there are some blank facebook accounts in my friend suggestions. I did my research on why these people ended up there and I found out facebook suggests people too who search for your profile. After that I immediately blocked those profiles but two more showed up a couple days and weeks later. I firmly believe it is her because I don't know anybody else who would check me on facebook without any mutual friends or use a blank facebook profile to do that.

I don't wanna go out of my way to ask her if she's doing it because she threatened me the last time we talked that she's gonna call the police if I ever contact her again (that was her response for me telling her to leave each other alone for ever) and tbh I don't want her back in my life whatsoever. Yes, I miss some things about her or mainly about the time we spent together but the things she did are unforgivable, she hurt me a lot of times more than anybody else and there are other people I like to spend time and hang out with, basically I'm indifferent towards her as a person. Even if she hit me up to let's go out I'd tell her to leave me alone.

But why does she do this?


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  • ur a fool that's why she's stalking u


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