What do I act like?

Back storyMy ex (was my close friend before) broke up with me because he didn't feel the same about having a relationship anymore. As agreed we remained close friends&on good terms.
I met up with my friend group which he is in as well &we didn't talk much but then nearer the end we did. He threw grass on me and took pictures (I don't know why but yeah).

The next day I received a shocking message from him said that another person (out of our group of friends) told him that I said something meaning that I didn't trust him. But I didn't say that &it wasn't in that context at all. He seemed really angry his response. I tried contacting him all day but he wasn't answering. I was hysterically crying all day, I was so upset.. I decided to write a hand written letter to him as ifelt it was really important to me that he knew what actually was said &I got driven &posted it in his letter box. He called later sayin he was out all day. I asked if he received the letter. He opened it & read it. He didn't say anything much on call ibroke down cryin& said how I felt upset that he believed that I would say bad things about him bc I would never do that &he knows who I am as a person really well sincewe been close friends for sometime.(From his responses, he didn't sound like he cared what I said &how I was tbh) Anyway, he said thanks for clearing it up, but doesn't know what to believe & thinkwe should be just friends &I said ok & that's it.
A week later, our friendgroup met up. He didn't respond to the groupchat conversation he normally would to confirm whether he can go or not even though he saw messages days before.
Where we normally meet everyone, he went past with a friend &talked to a someone from our friend group saying how he had plans already. He looked over to me smiled&nodded, I did the same back &he left.
Since school is tomorrow we hang out with the same group of friends. Also the change of not being close friends like we used to be. How do I act around him?


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  • if yoi are just friends now so act like a friend don't stick to him a friend is not here to be present like a boyfriend or a bestfriend so u just have to treat jim like a normal friend


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