Dealing with my Emotions?

I am a firm believer that every person is different, therefore when I breakup with a person i try and leave it in a gentle and positive manner that will allow the person and i to be friends again if we choose. That being said i found out from my ex that she decided to get back together with some other guy for friends with benefits not even 2 weeks after my breakup with her. I was floored and so mad. At least i was able to finish the conversation without ripping into her but now that i know this i feel that i no longer wish anything to do with her. I'm curious to know what other people's opinions are as in how they would hanfle the situation, what their reaction would be or if anyone has had a similar experience like me?


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  • Same here in a way. My first (and only lol) boyfriend broke up with me, and an hour later was at lunch with his new girlfriend.


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