Guys, if women initiate a no fault divorce, should the men attain child custody and she be required to pay child support?

A no fault divorce is when 1 or both want to divorce without proving any wrong doing in the marriage. In those cases of divorcing for no reason, whoever initiates the divorce should give up their rights to their children and the other pays child support.

Initating the divorce due to cheating, abuse, alcoholism, etc is a different case. I'm talking about divorcing just because you want to without a reason. In 1970, California was 1st state to allow no fault divorces.

Give me insight to this. Please only answer if you are somewhat knowledgeable.


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  • absolutely not!
    sometimes marriages just don't work out. if the couple aren't happy or for some reason someone wants out they should be allowed to be happy without having to give up the right for their kids. at the end of the day child custody is not at all about the parents it's about what's best for the kid and who can be the best parent. if for example a woman doesn't feel loved and feels like she's in an empty relationship why couldn't she leave and still get to see her children. life is way to short to be in a useless mariage.

    • Marriage says til death do us part. Why not that? That's how marriage was intended. Wusses divorce for no reason.

      I meant if women wanted to try taking the children away if she divorces him, would it be fair for judge to award her the children. I don't like the idea of courts deciding that because God ordained marriage, not the states.

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    • No but God can judge them.

    • well let's live that between them and god and not ask questions about it

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  • You say that a no fault divorce is when both parties want to divorce, so why should the person who initiates it be penalised? How would that be fair?

    Putting that aside, where a child is placed comes down to the welfare of the child and to which parent is best placed to support and house the child. Other considerations come into play such as whether one parent will remain in the original home and whether the child is happy there and attending school nearby. The minimum upheaval to the child will be a prime consideration.

    • Not always. A no fault divorce is when 1 or both wants a divorce for no reason. Like if the woman wants a divorce but man doesn't, why should she get the children when she imitated the divorce?

      You say that but in 82% od cases, women get the children, even though men make more money usually and that doesn't take into account just the no fault divorces but overall divorces. I'm sure the man gets them more in no fault divorces when the woman wants the divorce and man doesn't.

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    • Yes. Women still get custody in those cases but not nearly as often in at fault cases. It's 33% to 82%.

    • Actually it's 82% in overall cases but no fault cases aren't as common as at fault cases.

  • No. If it's a no fault divorce, the parents can work it out between themselves, like my parents did (they had joint custody over me). Otherwise it doesn't seem to be "no fault."

    • I mean if 1 wants the divorce but the other doesn't is what I should have written. If the woman wants a divorce but man doesn't.

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    • Have fun selling your daughters and stoning adulterers then. The Christian Bible is a terrible source of morality.

    • The laws of the USA isn't always the best source of morality either.

  • not really. i dont see why there should be penalties for having a divorce. the child should be shared custody unless there is a healty reason.

    • Oh, in no fault divorces, since there is no proof of wrong doing, the children get joint custody regardless if man or woman initiated would be most fair?

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    • hum... i dont see how the dates are relevant to the discussion

    • I was just informing the 40 or so years of difference how California and New York views them. That it took that long between 1st state and last state is a rarity with any issues: tattooing, allowing topless women, etc. Most don't have a 40 year gap between 1st and last.

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