You know how to heal when an ex does you wrong & really trying, but it's just not working.. Thoughts? How do you/did you cope?

My ex of 3+ years broke up with me when I was dealing with PTSD. Said he needed space and was dealing with his nan being ill. Found out 2 weeks later the stress made me miscarry his child- He didn't care.

He asked me to wait for him so I did as was in a bad place.. Wasn't emotionally stable after what happened. Found out he was screwing some girl and dating another while he was telling me he loved me and that it's not the end of us. And kept on saying he couldn't deal with this and if I'd have given him space then it wouldn't have got to that. (sod your space when the person you say you love/loved or even care about has PTSD from her job and miscarried your child. Otherwise he would have had all the space he wanted. I dealt with it on my own).

2 weeks after he got a new girlfriend. He used that 'space' to get over me while I suffered with PTSD and a miscarriage with his child while keeping me on a hook. When I confronted him that I knew about his lies he went on the defensive & treated me even worst/still wasn't upfront and honest. We haven't spoken since & a week later blocked me on Facebook making out like I'm a crazy bitch.. ( guess that makes him feel better).

I can't get over what he did to me... I'm over him, we weren't good for each other & I was very unhappy in the relationship. but I'm struggling with what he did & the cowardly, lack of care the way he did it.. we were friends for 3.5 years and then 3 years in a relationship.

I don't get why he's allowed to be happy now.. plastering pics of him & his new girlfriend on facebook (my friends told me).. It's not fair.. I'm trying to concentrate on me, going to the gym, doing activities, taking me time etc but it's just not working... But why is he allowed to be happy with a new girlfriend. I used to believe in Karma but losing faith in all human kind now... Will I ever trust anyone ever again? x
Question now closed. thanks @thetruehybrid and mega_illuminati x
Question now closed. thanks @thetruehybrid and @mega_illuminati x


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  • It really sucks, what he did to you He was a coward, no matter what relationship he choses, he will always run away at the first sign of trouble. He is happy now bevause there is not facing any problem. Once he does, he is gonna run away like he did on you.

    • Thankyou.. I just don't want to give up hope on people.. it's hard when someone screws you x

    • yeah, sometimes it will be unbelievable what people are capable of. And how they will not have an ounce of remorse for what they did.

  • now more than ever, you need to focus on yourself. life will never be fair by comparison to him or other people. surround yourself with close friends and those you love around you. people who are actually Worth your time, instead of people who waste it like he did. you are your own beautiful person. :) if anyone tells you otherwise, listen, but know they are wrong ;)

    • It's been very hard to not be the victim. very hard to not just curl up in a ball. But nobody talks about the aftermath when your trying your best to heal.. Thankyou x

    • ofc it's hard. but it's times like these that define you. what you do and how you react are who you are :) you have a great chance here to explore and see the world by your own terms, unrestricted :) head up high

    • Thankyou :) x

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    • erm.. just no. This wasn't about my ex. this was about his actions how they affected me. that link is not relevant.. He is the past but his actions have had a massive impact.

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