How many of you are still bitter over a bad breakup? What do you plan on doing about it?

Moving on... easier said than done.. but it must be done


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  • It wasn't over for me not even close!

    he was the one that moved on without me knowing.

    I never got the closure I wanted out of both of us.

    I had planned not hinking about him but like you said easier

    said than done..sux


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  • hard at first to move on. but hold yourself. cut all ties you have with that person as much as you can and ASAP. because its gonna hurt... avoid them or even being close to them. I did that and I moved on. :) cry it out too.. its gonna help..

    and go out and meet new people. trust me this works. tho its gonna suck and the beginning because its fresh... but time will heal the pain. :)

  • i usually just pamper myself doing whatever to relax & to make myself happy. yet at the same time be tough & force myself doing things that helps me to detach... its hard, you need to be patient with your progress too... in the end time will eventually work its magic :)

  • It's not that I'm bitter I'm just very very hesitant to put myself out there when I know what it's like to be hurt by someone you love. It's very hard picking up the pieces. And it took so long for me to get to this point of being "okay". I can't risk that right now, as I plan on starting grad school in the fall. I don't want to potentially mess up a fresh start so I'm focusing on doing whatever it takes to excel in my studies. =]


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  • I move on fairly easily but when the break up was bad enough to make me hate the other person, the hatred lasts forever.


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