Girls, Will my ex get her feelings back?

Me and my ex dated for two months and for the past few weeks she has been stressing a lot non stop about school, family, etc. She has been really anti-social at school and has been really trying to focus on her grades. She broke up with me two days ago because she lost her feelings due to depression since she does not know how she feels. I believe the depression is from all this stress that has been happening in her life and she used to have depression but now its back. She has unfollowed me on instagram, and unadded me on facebook including her mom. I've been texting her about how she feels about me for the past two days, but she gives the same answer each time "I dont know... I need to keep myself in check before i can get in a relationship". I have decided to give her some space because she is depressed and she needs it. Im planning to check up on her every week and ask her how she's feeling. Will she ever regain her feelings back? I really love her and I would love to have her back in my life.


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  • it's hard to tell, she probably hates herself more than she could love another that's why she keeps saying "I just need to keep myself in check".. check back here and there but most likely it won't return any time soon until she figures out her schedule and plans


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