My ex boyfriend keeps blocking and unblocking me? And when I reached out to him he says he has moved on and I should too?

We broke up 4 months ago. We dated for 3 months and we broke up because he thought we were different people even though I disagree on that. So soon after the break up he used to play mind games online. I thought we broke up due to misunderstandings and reached out to him to get back together he said no and was very rude and blocked me. Then after a week he unblocks me and then goes on a vacation and kept posting updates on whatsapp and Facebook. I couldn't handle it and blocked him from everywhere and then I felt stupid and weak so I unblocked him in 2-3 days. Now after a week I went on a vacation so I posted updates on fb and whatsapp. He blocks me again and I am still blocked it's been 3 days. Why is he doing this? I really miss and want him back, I've tried everything I don't know what to do anymore... what does this mean?


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