It's up to me if I wanna wait for him!

-hello look I've been talking to this guy for about 2 months we knew each other before but never gotten as close as we are know. well he has gotten locked up and he is in jail for a year. he said he really wants to be with me but its up to me if I wanna wait for him and he understand if I don't want to and just move on. what should I do wait for him or move on.?

I've moved on thanks for the help


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  • What did he get locked up for?

    • He hadd house arrest and then he went to court and his urin was dirty

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    • Selling drugs

    • If I were you I would move on, there are way better guys out there. He may change his ways after prison, but most reoffend given how much and how fast they can make money selling drugs versus getting a job.

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  • after reading your convorsation with wanacot, id move on and get the hell away. you don't need somebody like that in your life, that could just lead to a whole lot of trouble

  • Move on.. Jail is a red sign. Not saying people who commit crime always continue to but there is a greater chance of them going back to their own ways. You have a lot going for you in your life. Live it up. You can do much better.


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