Do I worry he is cheating because I was cheated on in my marriage?

My ex husband cheated on me many times (I didn't find this out till after the divorce) plus he left me for his co worker. Now I'm in a new pretty serious relationship and I have worries he is cheating. Is this kinda like PTSD from what my ex did?


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  • It's not PTSD, it's more like your ex not only broke your trust and faith in him, he broke your trust and faith in men. For example, my uncle who I thought was the best uncle, a great husband, father, brother and son, was cheating on his wife before, during, and after she had their second child with her close friend. For a while, his actions destroyed my trust and faith in guys, where I'd wonder if my boyfriend is faithful, because if my uncle who we all thought was a great husband was unfaithful, then perhaps my boyfriend is also unfaithful. For me what helped was recognizing that he is not representative of all men, that I do know guys who are faithful to their girlfriends/wives. If you are having difficulty working through it, I would suggest seeing a professional to help you work through that distrust of men, to help restore the trust and faith that your ex broke.


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  • Has he done anything to make you feel that way? Or are you having that feeling just out of worry?

  • Why do you have worries if he's cheating? Are their any signs


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