Girls, does my ex want me to do something here?

Ok before anyone says don't message your ex I have a very strong feeling she still has feelings for me just like I do for her. Last time we talked we had a huge fight and apologized the next day and that was it. Its been one month since we last talked (no contact) and during that time she tried following me on instagram for her "modeling" account, something she always talked about doing. I've seen her in person and she doesn't say anything except for a little smile one time. I tried texting her today saying I saw some dog that looked just like hers and it reminded me of her and told her that I hope she is doing okay, but I think my number is blocked, I then added her on facebook and she added me back in less than a minute. I'm really getting confused as to what I should do, should I just send her the same text that I sent her through facebook?


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  • Only if you are positive she has feelings
    Also, there are the issues that you two would need to address if you are to move forward.


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