Is life just really boring when you are older and single? What do older people do if they are single?

Things haven't been working out for my mom and her long time boyfriend. They are breaking up and she is going to move in with me.

I'm just wondering (my mom is late 50's) what do older single people do? She's not the type who gathered lots of friends and has many people to go out with. I know I'm going to feel bad when I go out in the evenings and leave her home alone. I'm single and I live alone and I go out 2 to 3 times per week in the evenings.

There is a lot we can do together. We do enjoy traveling together and shopping and working out. But when she's not doing stuff with me, what else can someone her age do?


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  • Don't older people use the internet? OKCupid and match have older people on it. So does meetup. com. Can't they do the same stuff younger people do?


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  • Reading, hobbies, doing secret agent stuff...

    • lol secret agent stuff? that's funny

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    • A lot of older people find it hard to be motivated, so they resort to things like TV. I try to encourage the older people in my life to do more productive things, but if that's what makes them happy, then that's that. We have some things we do together, but apart from that, I live my life and let them live theirs.

    • Ok sounds good. Thanks for your advice! :)

  • Yes.. It is...
    It's rather depressing


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