He just got a new girlfriend and wants me to remain as a good friend?

This man and I loved for 9 months. Truly, crazily, insanely and we were like soulmates or made in heaven couple (male scorpio & female Taurus ; just said ) but few months ago his mom disliking me, his studies get bad grades, too much stress and stuff came up & he distanced himself with me. I was afraid that he would leave (he is mom's favourite type son. He lost his dad when he was very young) so I was a bit pushy :( I tried to understand and him but eventually I think I became a pain in the ass to him. and for two weeks ago from today he started to be cold ignore me like shit and even if I care and become adorable and shit he ignored me and didn't treat me well. I was like friend zoned.

And after being blocked for two days today he unblocked me in whatsapp and said he has another girlfriend. Actually he didn't say I get the information from one of his besties whom is actually a good one who pity me. When I say I know it he stopped acting like nothing is there and said yes and today he started it. BUT he wants me to stay as a good friend. He never kept his exes as friends. He is someone who would block exes forever or ignore them forever. But why, the-most-pain-in-the-ass of exes aka me? Does he still loves me and keep the new girlfriend as just a time pass until stuff in his life clears? (It seems no sense but this guy actually promised to marry me and he truly meant it)
Please help :(
I just don't know how to understand.
Im pretty stubborn and hate being cheated but I still freaking love him. I seriously need some understandings :(


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  • you need to shift focus...
    workout go to drive meet new people and leave all social network hours just use as toilet apps...
    i kno your situation is tough but
    when you hold glass of water for sometime like secs nothing much hapoens its bearable...
    try holding hours and days its pain is ass situation...
    so life is like let the burden or bad phase wash off quickly or else it will be very difficult and painful for youu not anyone u care for...


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  • Blahhh it's time to move on. Tell him to enjoy his current girlfriend but you should NOT, can NOT, remain friends with him at any cost. He is only wanting to stay friends so you can be the backup sex if his new relationship fails.

    Why on earth would you want to be a backup?


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  • People like you often make the mistake that they believe people are more complicated and better planners than they are when in reality things are exactly as they seem at first glance.

  • R u sure he is dating someone else? Make it sure.
    Anyway, if he is not giving u attention n ignoring you like a Shit (as u mentioned) , then let it be. May be he is no more interested in u (for relationship I mean) . So just get over him. You can still be good friends. Or is it too difficult?
    Well in that case, be straight forward n talk to him about this issue. Just share ur feelings with him n let him take his decision ☺


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