He just got a new girlfriend and wants me to remain as a good friend?

This man and I loved for 9 months. Truly, crazily, insanely and we were like soulmates or made in heaven couple (male scorpio & female Taurus ; just said ) but few months ago his mom disliking me, his studies get bad grades, too much stress and stuff came up & he distanced himself with me. I was afraid that he would leave (he is mom's favourite type son. He lost his dad when he was very young) so I was a bit pushy :( I tried to understand and him but eventually I think I became a pain in the ass to him. and for two weeks ago from today he started to be cold ignore me like shit and even if I care and become adorable and shit he ignored me and didn't treat me well. I was like friend zoned.

And after being blocked for two days today he unblocked me in whatsapp and said he has another girlfriend. Actually he didn't say I get the information from one of his besties whom is actually a good one who pity me. When I say I know it he stopped acting like nothing is there and said yes and today he started it. BUT he wants me to stay as a good friend. He never kept his exes as friends. He is someone who would block exes forever or ignore them forever. But why, the-most-pain-in-the-ass of exes aka me? Does he still loves me and keep the new girlfriend as just a time pass until stuff in his life clears? (It seems no sense but this guy actually promised to marry me and he truly meant it)
Please help :(
I just don't know how to understand.
Im pretty stubborn and hate being cheated but I still freaking love him. I seriously need some understandings :(
He just got a new girlfriend and wants me to remain as a good friend?
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