Dont know how to handle this situation with ex?

I reconnected with an ex and it's not working. At first it was magical, but he began mistreating me, getting back into addictions, became emotionless and then finally became emotionally abusive and almost (minorly) physically abusive while drunk. I was crying on the phone and he hung up and ignored me for days, so I blocked him and have started to move on and feel healthy again. Now he is messaging me trying to see me one more time to "give me a letter" (that was one of our things) and say goodbye. I don't know if I should see him now, or wait for a week or two to really clear my head so he can't manipulatively reel me back in. I know we have no future because every time, no matter how much space we have, he ends up being disrespectful, erratic, and abusive to me then twists it to being my fault for reacting to his behavior.

He's messaged me several times asking to see me and all I said was I need time, but I don't even know what to say or if I should do anything. What should I do here? It would be nice to be friends and talk here and there, but right now I'm still very in love and just shut off cause his mean treatment of me.


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  • 1. Blaming others is part of the alcoholic personality.

    2. You can't save him.

    3. You need to make a clean break with him.

    4. Tell him that if he wants to give you a letter, he can mail or email it to you.

    5. If he wants to see you "one last time," and you can't say no, agree to a brief Skype/Face Time meeting. Have a good friend there with you so that you will feel some pressure to keep it brief.

    6. Of course he wants to manipulate his way back into your life. Beware!


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  • Leave him !! Never reconnect


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