How do I get back with him because he clearly still loves me a lot?

We broke up 2 days ago. I cried and cried, begging him to go back to me. I asked him why. He says he still loves me but because this is his first relationship he feels trapped and doesn't know what's good out there. He told me that our relationship was perfect and that he might regret breaking up with me later but he says that he doesn't want it to be his first relationship. He says if he had several long term relationships before he met me I would be the one for him. He told me that we just met at the wrong time.

Yesterday I asked him to meet me at the park. We talked a little and he was like "is it bad that I want to hold you right now?" So he held me, and we kissed and he told me everything still felt so right. I asked him if we could at least be friends and he was like "let's try not to contact each other because I want to forget about you and move on". That hurts me a lot that he would throw away a 1 and a half year connection between us. It just fucking sucks.

Its just not right how we broke up. We don't have a perfect relationship but we had a lot of fun times and awesome adventures together. We don't have as much bullshit like other couples do and I make a lot of effort tried to improve things that aren't the best.

Yesterday we texted and he was all like "who in your workplace would you have sex with?" I told him a name just to see his reaction and he got really insecure like "i know you're single now and I can't stop you from doing what you want but it hurts me when you say that. I think I should stop contacting you so I can get over you."

So he blocked me from his phone, blocked my Facebook and Instagram so I can't even DM him.

I know you guys think its stupid to hold onto a relationship like that, but I don't care. If you guys only knew how great we were together you would understand. My question is, how do I get him back? I honestly know for sure he is still in love with me but just wants to break up and move on anyways. What do I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • anything you do now will only drive him away. Your best bet is to do nothing. If he really cares about you, he can't forget you just by blocking on social media.

    • 1 I love you so fucking much
      2 I don't want anyone to fuck you but that's not my right to say anymore
      3 when I'm with you I'm so
      Happy but I am
      Not ready for something serious
      4 we are staying in contact and that makes it so much harder to get over you and harder to want to look for something new

      This is his text by the way

    • he has made himself very clear that he does not want serious relationship. You can't force him to be in one.

  • im in same kind of relationship...
    just ask him if he has any family problems or some other problems...
    also ask yourself if u had ever made him felt small

    • No it has nothing to do with family or other problems.

      Just the day before we broke up we were cuddling on the couch and watching 13 reasons why. He cooked us dinner. Also 2 days before that he said he wanted to take me and my little sister to Disneyland for the summer. Does that sound like someone who wants to break up all of a sudden? Also I know for sure that this is a temporary feeling for him but he's breaking up with me over it.

    • breaking up with you is also his temporary feeling?


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  • Do not go back to him. I was literally in the axact situation as you a year ago, and he did take me back, and you know what happened? 6 months after he took me back he woke up one day and left again. This boy doesn't know what he wants and he's not going to just decide. You can say "no he's different" but girl he's not. Guys like him don't change, they say what they think will make you happy and that's all. Move on and find someone who is confused about whether the love you and want to be with you or not., don't be stupid and do what I did please, you'll o let aide yourself more pain.


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