My ex boyfriend is trying to be my friend, even though he has a girlfriend.

So my ex boyfriend is trying to be my friend even though he has a girlfriend he says he wants t show me that he still "cares" and the fact that he doesn't hate me. So I told him that we can't be friends because whenever I invite him to do stuff with me and my friends which most are also his, one min he wants to hang then the next he doesn't! I told him that I didn't want to be friends because it was going to work out and he goes, "You know I would hang with you right?" and I just laughed. He goes, "i do! but there's ___*girlfriends name* its not like I'm asking him to make-out with me or something! I told him it just causing more problems and the funny thing is when we were going out I saw him walk off with I girl I knew he liked at a football game to talk to. So its like you will walk away from me to chat with girls you like and your exes but you can't even hang with me ?


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  • you're a fallback girl or third wheel in case something happens with the current girl


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