Ex boyfriend new girlfriend is a psycho? What's wrong w her?

Me and my ex of 4 years broke up but we had being friends for 6 years. He being w this new girl for just under 4 months. They got together a week after we broke up. Honestly this girl seems insain me and my ex have tried to remain friends but she made it impossible. She was the one that told me they were dating and randomly added me on social media and gets her family to stock me and sent me abuse and makes up all these story's to my ex that am the one giving her abuse. Av tried to reassure this girl but she won't take it. It's at the point me and my ex can't talk anymore cos she throws her toys out her pram and gives my ex ultimatums and texts me from my ex phone and tells him not to talk to me anymore it's crazy!


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  • She's clearly jealous and possessive and she doesn't like the idea of his ex hanging around in the background. I'm sure you might get a little concerned if you had a boyfriend who was still attached to his ex. You might be more reasonable about it but you'd likely have at least a tiny bit of concern.

    He has chosen to be with this girl and he continues to choose to be with this girl. So clearly she is somewhat of a priority to him, despite her causing trouble for you. You might want to consider leaving them to get on with their relationship. He's your ex for a reason.


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  • Most people don't like their bf/gf being friendly and talking to exes. It's a insecurity thing and most don't want the past being up in the future. Its nothing personal against you she would be doing this to any ex (that has that kind of long relationship with him) out of the way.

  • don't worry a similar thing happened when I broke up from a 6 year relationship... she just feels threatened that you two was so strong and lasted so long the thought of you 2 remaining friends is a massive threat to her so she is trying to ruin your image by manipulating those around her and telling lies about you to make you look bad to your ex

  • Why do you care? He's an ex


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