Why was he doing this?

This guy broke up with me around five months ago but he still avoids me at school we haven't talked since the breakup and he has like a girlfriend now and I'm pretty over the situation but while I walking down the hallway with my friend we were about to cross paths he like goes out of his way to avoid me and he's like I need to take a drink and takes a drink from the water fountain and his friends just laughing and saying my exs name like I don't get why he's acting so immature he has a girlfriend and I never look at him or talk to him why does he do this? Like I don't understand it seems childish. He goes out of his way to ever see me and he's been doing this for months tf


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex

    • U didn't answer the question

    • Again why do you care? You shouldn't be having anything to do with an ex

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