What is his point?

i finally dumped my boyfriend of a year and a half on march. he follows me and messages me no matter how much I say no and ignore him. he followed me to the mall once and tried forcing himself on me yet he has a new girlfriend that I found out he was going out with her to clubs long before I dumped him. he has never been loyal or faithful to me. and I guess he's gonna do the same to her. but it bothers me that he brings her around his family and actually takes pics with her and all that. he tells me I'm making a huge mistake and "were soul mates"(lmao ...please) but yeah I don't get what he wants or what he's trying to do if he's gonna make it work with her I don't know ...


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  • He wants sex and he wants it from you but if he can't have you he'll try it with her. He doesn't care about her, but he'll use her till he's bored, or you take him back

    • Even if he is bringin her around his fam and all that? ..... if he wants me like why did he ever play me?

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    • He thinks I'm with someone and says he wants to fight the guy and his friends are gona help because marines "stick together" which I think he's being ridiculous.

    • Just ignore him and try your best to move on

  • sounds liek he thinks he's a real player, and can get what he wants from u...it won't last forever, so keep up what yur doing, and if things get real bad, you can always call the cops on him.

    • You think he will regret everything later ? ........ what do you think he's trying to do with this whole situation? I've tried the whole report thing like at school he sat and watched me for 2 hours and like tried forcing himself on me so I made a report at school so he will stay away and I have called police and they said to just ignore him that he will stop eventually and he hasn't at all I block and ignore but he will make new screen names or find me

    • Ignoring him can actually work honestly...its just hard to do when someone is persistant....but the cops are right, he will stop eventually. like I said, I think he wants to see what he can get from u. I honestly don't think he wants a relationship

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