My ex is already talking to someone else?

My ex and i had been on a rough patch for a few weeks now , after a while i couldnt take it anymore and i broke things off. He had lied to me about a lot of things since the beginning and we were a long distance relationship too
after 4 days of breaking up with him i realized it was mistake and i messaged him saying that i wanted another opportunity to get things right , he was mad at me but he said he cared about me and that it would be best if we wait until December until we could see each other again if both of us were single. He told me he would most likely be single since he doubts he would find somebody after me.
And guess what? 2 days later he starts posting things about another woman like " i love when your name pops up in my notifications 😍 " and talking to this woman he went to the club with weeks before we started going out.
the point is , what is he doing?
is he doing this because he knows this will hurt me and get me jealous?
is he doing this because thats how he copes?
Or is he doing this because whatever we had meant nothing and he was already talking to this woman?
what should i do about it?


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  • He's your ex. So what? He have a right to talk to someone else. You broke up with him... he moved on. You should too


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  • Why do you care what he does? He's an ex

  • why did you break up


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