Is this a form of cheating ?

okay so is it considered cheating if a guy and a girl are dating but the guy decides too start sexting too another girl that he likes ? just wondering . . . !

any intake on this ?


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  • If he's dating one girl seriously, and decides to start sexting another, that sounds like cheating to me. I mean, if you're with someone you like, why feel the need to contact (or sext) other people?


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  • Seeing two girls, without them knowing about each other from the guy -> cheating.

    If the guy openly told - e.g. he has a FWB ongoing but starts dating a girl -> tell the girl = no cheat

    don't tell the girl = cheat

    • But the two girls do know each other. and he has talked too this other girl

    • By no means do I want to defend such behavior... I just think that it's not cheating anymore if a girl told me she has a FWB ongoing but finds me interesting and wants to start dating me.

      It would be up to me in this case how I would approach that girl, if I let her FWB, if I ask her to stop, whatever...

      For myself, I wouldn't even start a FWB nor would I date two girls at the same time...

    • Okay but he's not dating two girls though. and he has never been dating two girls. he had his girlfriend and then he was sexting another. he never had two girls.

  • If the guy is dating the girl and he really likes her, then what is the need to go to other girl, and if he is going, then the guys is not serious in dating the girl. I would say that's cheating. Unless he is openly told the girl he is dating.


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