How do people deal with breakups?

I'm curious to know how other people may deal with breakups. I've been single for 4 months now but I'm wondering how other people deal with their own emotions after a breakup.


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  • breakups are though. music always helps me. either that or writing. i love poetry so i write a lot of poems each one really helped

    • Do you ever vent to friends?
      its good that you have poetry as your go to thing. for me i know my cycling is my go to thing.

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    • true. thanks for your helpful insight

    • no problem 😊

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  • I've never had to really deal with breakups. Me and my exes are still friends to this day. It makes it all a whole lot easier. Though it does help when the relationship ends on a good not instead of a fight or something like that.

    • well my most recent break up i broke it off because i no longer felt i had my place in the persons life. I felt like I was being taken for granted and after many talks of the things that where bothering me my ex would say okay and go right back doing the same thing that would be upsetting me. i made sure the breakup was gentle, ther were no fights and i tried to leave the door open for a friendship to develop afterwards. about a month latter we where having a talk, catching up on life with each other and i found out not even two weeks latter she had gone back with an old friend for friends with benefits. I politely finished the conversation and ended the call. i haven't spoken with her since.

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