How can I get him back?

Basically this breakup was possibly the worst one I ever had.

I planned to visit him but it didn't work out and he was leaving the country afterwards. So he texted me saying, "Better to have your support from a distance. Lots of love." I was stressed that day, so I thought he was leaving me. I completely took it the wrong way. But now I understand he wasn't. He only needed my support because he was leaving the country.

Long story short, I completely flipped out when he sent that text. I totally flipped out. I'm very sensitive and sometimes I jump to conclusions and take things the wrong way when I really don't mean to.

So me, being the crazy and over emotional girl I am, I literally sent multiple long, sappy, texts, emails, and even called him a few times. I was so hurt and thought he left me.

Finally I texted him one last time saying goodbye. The next day, he started posting sad videos and posts. Days later, he seemed to be okay.

It wasn't until recently, when I told my best friend to send him a song. The song is basically about needing someone, missing them, but not knowing why they keep falling in love again knowing they're going to be hurt.

I've left him more than once but I kept coming back. This is the third time it happened.

Recently he posted something that said, "Be thankful for those who can see your enemy when your heart blinds you." Another one said, "Guard your heart."

I miss him dearly. I don't know who the post was about but it seems to be pretty obviously about me. I miss him so much. Girls or guys' perspective, please tell me how I can get him back. I don't want to seem desperate, I just really need help getting through this... thank you 💕
How can I get him back?
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