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Okay, so there is this boy. At first he really liked my best friend and so me and him became really close friends. I started to really like him and had a huge crush on him. When she stopped liking him he started liking me. He would tease me and annoy me, and I enjoyed the attention. Then all of the sudden out of the blue he stopped talking to me and I think stopped liking me. So that is when I started texting him. For some days I would text him until it was so late at night. He would ask me who I liked and it bothered him so bad that he didn't know who it was I liked. Finally, after a week of texting him...i was getting the vibe that he didn't like me or didn't like talking to me. So that is the day I told him. I told him I liked him. Which was probably the biggest mistake of my life. I asked him what he thought and he said he didn't know. When the conversation came to an end I told him I still wanted to be friends and I told him goodbye. Then just tonight we had a swimming party and my ex-best friend was there. He completely ignored me and was talking to her the whole time. Though I don't know if the only reason he wasn't talking to me was because I was having fun with my group of friends. But then again he didn't even look at me. What went wrong. Did I tell him I liked him too soon? Why didn't he tell me if he liked me? Is there a way too win him back? Does he still want to be friends? Would it be weird? Does he think I am desperate? I want him but then again I don't. I hide from him whenever I see him. and I think he does the same. I want him so bad though. it hurts me to see him talk to my ex - best friend. I don't know what to do. can someone out there please give me some advice of what to do with Rhyse?


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  • If he isn't into you not a lot you can do about it, can't make him like you, be with you etc. You enjoyed the attention, and contacted him when he stoped giving it to you. Telling someone you like them is not a good idea, if you can show how you feel, by how you interact with them, touch etc if he is interested in you he will contact you, let you know etc, you have declared your feelings if he feels the same he can act on it, if he doesn't contact you, make time for you, etc he isn't interested...


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