Ex boyfriend although within a new relationship buys me present out of the blue?

Hey hey needed some advice since things are pretty strange with my ex and I have no idea what does this all mean. We were together two years , broke up once came back asked me to take him back etc and so I did, strongest emotionally relationship we have both ever been, living together etc broke up last summer for good started sending the "wishing texts" for birthday Christmas New Years name day , very formal style of writing , in the meaning he is already with another woman uploading things on Facebook when suddenly a text from him for my birthday wishing happy birthday and asking for my number because he lost it, continued texting for a little while when he asked to ring me , when we spoke he told me he had bought me a gift from Paris , where he was just some days ago with his girlfriend !! and he would like to give it to me and it depends on me when available for coffee, some days after that I texted him saying that I could do drinks tomorrow or if not tomorrow within the upcoming week and he never answered back. its been almost a month and because I though that maybe the message was seen from his girl and deleted it I asked him in a friendly tone some days ago if he regretted the coffee and again no reply. What do you think?


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  • Things are souring with his current girlfriend so he's feeling you out to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. Never have anything to do with an ex


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