How can I let him down?

I found out by couple of people that he likes me. I dont like him. Should I wait for him to ask me so I can let him down or should I just come up to him and be like "ik u like me but I only want to be friends"? Because I can't keep up acting like we are friends when I know he likes me. Is like I'm waiting for him to build up courage only to get rejected. And I read somewhere that the sooner u let a guy down the better it is for his feelings so he can move on.

So what should I do? Wait for him to tell me he likes me and then reject him, while I pretend that nothing is going on and feel awkward cuz I know he likes me?
Or be direct and tell him I dont like him even if he didn't told me yet?


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  • Do not, I repeat, do not bring it up unless he does. People talk, he may well like you, but unless you've heard it exactly from him, do not accuse him of it. I've had people think I've liked a girl when I in fact haven't and if she came up to me thinking I liked her and then rejected me when I didn't even want her, I'd think she was seriously up herself.

    Be distant with him, don't show much interest in him so he gets the idea. If he does bring it up, then just tell the truth. That's all you need to do.

    • His brother told me and in the begging when we meet one of his friends. I ignore it later on cuz he said something about not liking Latinas (and I'm Latina). But his brother brought it up again and now a mutual friend gave him my number

  • honestly friend zone him tell him you don't want a relationship with him

    • So I tell him directly that I dont like him?

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    • Okay, thanks

    • No problem

  • wait for him to tell you

    • ... So should I pretend like nothing is going on or do I build up the distance

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    • Okay... And when he ask what should I say? To let him down easy?

    • "What? Umm sorry my feelings for you aren't same. Hope we can remain friends"

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