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So I started a relationship with a girl just a week ago everything is going well but she has started getting a little funny like getting me to rip up all my exes letters & hers too but all her ex's letters were exactly all the same writing paper & ink plus when I'm working she goes out drinking & phone her on breaks it sounds if she's with guys which puts me on edge I don't know whether to trust her as she might be cheating guys are always texting & ringing her when I'm with her how do I find out if she is or not?


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  • Wow, all this in only one week. I'm sorry but this is not sounding good. There are already trust issues and she has already shown you she has a possessive streak. I guess there are things you can do to see if she is cheating but if you have to be doing that at only a week into the relationship is it really worth it?


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