She's the one - am I dumb for thinking this? :/

Well, we have been split for about 5 months girlfriend at the time was a lot younger than me, 20 and me being 27...she being in school and me holding down a good secure job. We dated for 2 years, so we started dating when she was 18. From the beginning, she mentioned to me that she may need a break sometime down the road because she is so young but I really didn't think anything of it. And then it came. We left off on great terms, we didn't split because of dishonesty, fighting, jealously, nothing like that - just mainly because she was young, and confused - didn't want to have doubts later on in life, etc etc etc. We have kept in touch, here and there...just recently she has been contacting me more, nothing crazy but she has been keeping in touch. When this first happened, it would be over a month that I would hear from her. Now I have heard from her 4 times just this past week and a half...A little while ago we agreed to meet for coffee and I told her to set a date but kind of left it at that. We texted last night and I said, what ever happened to coffee? and she said, we def have to go...I have been in a previous relationship (5 years with another girl) when we went on break, I just didn't "feel" it would work out because of many reasons...but with this one, I just feel like we belong together, that it will all work out and that taking a break whether its for a week or a year can sometimes only make things stronger...Why do you think she's reaching out more? is she just trying to be my friend? which I don't think, or is she missing talking to me...Shes a great girl, the best thing in the world to me, sweet, just perfect in my eyes...I am just trying to concentrate on me and live my life, hoping that she comes around - some people say that breaks work - do you guys agree or have seen it work? I just can't express how much I love this girl, I would give up anything to have her back in my life again...


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  • im in the same boat as you and it sucks I know I'm wondering the same things this probably doesn't help much but you know that she is the one when you meet her or when you lose her and it seems like we both lost her the thing is now what are you gonna do...

  • From what I've seen, any relationship needing a break never works out in the end. I'm not saying it's not possible, that's just been my experience.

    As to why she's increasing her contact with you more frequently, it's hard to pinpoint exactly. It could be she's realized that you are the right decision for her and is trying to slowly bring you back into her life. It could be she's trying to coax you into asking her out/taking charge in the relationship. It could be she just misses you as a friend. It could even be she just wants to make sure she can still get back with you if her "break" doesn't lead anywhere else.


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