Girls, Ex seems to not have a hold on himself?

My ex of 3 years broke up with me in December because we fought all the time. At the breakup until about February we stayed okay friends but it just got awkard because I wanted to get back together but he wanted to stay broken up. He said that we both needed time to heal and "start over" but it didn't happen that way.

Fast forward to now, and he just seems desperate to be with anyone. We stopped talking 3 months ago when I found out he was on not one or two but THREE dating apps, from my friend who was also on these apps. Over the span of the month after that I found out he dropped out of his classes. After I found out he was on a fourth dating app. The most recent, the fifth one, was actually a dating and hookup app specifically for "chubby" girls. That was where I drew the line... I just had to come here to ask you guys.

I was his first, before me he was a virgin. I am also kind of "chubby" in a way. that last app is just too specific, seems he is looking for a girl with a specific body type probably for sexual reasons. Is it possible that he is just kind of obsessed with sex now? And is this my fault? He was such a sweet and thoughtful guy dedicated to his school and job while we dated. After things went south... he became this new guy that just looks like he wants to find a piece of ass or date any girl who will date him. It's quite sad. I feel bad that he isn't at least happier in the photos I've seen... he seems very sad and lost.


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  • He seems like sad mess.
    The thing is most men have high libido and depending on how he was in the relationship, he prob misses sex a lot. Infact he may be dying from lack of sex and so his primary desire is to satisfy his needs. He doesn't want a relationship because he said that he prefers you two stay broken up. That doesn't mean that he doesn't need a girl to have sex with. His choice in girls also says something , that maybe he is not quite over you yet , and he needs a girl who looks like you to have sex with.

    • So basically, he wants to have sex maybe with a girl who has similar physical features to me but doesn't want to actually have anything to do with me? :/ And if he really is this sad and distraught and stuff it just makes me feel bad. Like am I really SO bad that you would rather be in this terrible season of your life than have anything to do with me... ? I don't know. It's just like... I know we had bad times and argued a lot but I didn't think it was grounds for a breakup turned loss of what could have been a decent friendship at least. He doesn't even speak to me like... at all.

    • @Asker yea basically. Have you tried contacting him again?

    • Not since we last spoke a few months ago. I was the last one to say something technically so it just stayed that way.

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