He hurt me and is showing no remorse. Does he not care at all?

I had been seeing this guy I met at work pretty steady for around 9 months, and towards the end of it I was staying at his place 4/5 nights of 7 a week, we were hanging out more and things were going pretty well. We've always gotten along really well and everything just flows naturally with him. He's got a history of cheating (on every girlfriend he's ever had) but I looked past it because I really liked him. A few weeks ago he slept with someone 14 years his junior (he's 33, she's 19) and I found out about it. We argued, we fought and ended up breaking up. But now he's acting like I'm the one who's done him wrong, he hasn't apologised and the only time he's contacted me was to suggest a "hate fuck" before I left our workplace (I got a new job). It really is frustrating me to no end how he doesn't seem to care at all about my feelings despite us being close for so long. I don't really even know what I'm asking here, I guess I just wanted an outsider's opinion or any guys or girls to come forward and say they've been in this situation too. He's really really hurt me and he doesn't seem to care one bit. Or is he hiding how he really feels about it? What can I do to make him realise how much he's hurt me?


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  • he is just embarrassed and/or is one of those fuck boys that blame shit they've done on other people. you clearly tried to make it work by forgetting his bad past
    if he cared, he wouldn't have cheated on you and then blame shit on you. you don't deserve an ass like him.


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