Why does my ex boyfriend want to be friends?

Recently he made it seem like I was gonna possibly get him back soon. But yesterday and a couple nights ago were crazy. I sent him a picture on Facebook messenger that says "Try not to fall for someone who isn't willing to catch you. If someone really loves and wants to see you, they'll find a reason, they'll find a way, and they'll make the effort." And I sent him "😠😣😖😭😰 SMH". Then I blocked him on Facebook so I wouldn't get hurt from him possibly blocking me. Then he called me this past evening and left me a voicemail saying that no more than to be friends. And I called him back twice and he said I really hurt his feelings and he said "What are you gonna say to me?" I said "I'm sorry." Both times. And the second time I called him, I said "Can we talk about everything?" He said "What happened?" I said "The reason why I sent you those messages last night was because you scheduled a meet up and then you said you couldn't do it." Then he said "You're gonna say things about me? You sent stupid stuff. I know someone told you to send me that." I said "No, I did on my own." He said "No." And he asked me "Are we still friends?" I said "Yeah." But honestly I don't know about being "friends" with him because I still love him.
I also talked to him on the phone tonight when he felt better, and he kept telling me "I love you." I said "Prove it." He said "You prove it. Give me a hug and kiss." I said "If I can see you." He said "You can. Just call me and set up a day and time."


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  • because her new girlfriend is not better than you n he realized his mistake, he want you to shelter him (:

    • What mistake? He wants me to shelter him?

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  • Your whole story revolves around some picture you sent him on facebook. It's like you're teenagers arguing over something stupid. There is no context in here, therefore we can't help you unless you try and focus your story on the breakup and your relationship, not fb messages


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