Not sure how to move on after this breakup?

I broke up with an ex I reconnected with in the new year. From my end he got back into drugs and was abusive toward me emotionally, especially when drunk, and didn't treat me well or the way I need in order to be happy due to him prioritzing partying and drugs. On his end he thought I didn't care cause I wouldn't convert and "save sex til marriage" to be with him and I was not affectionate enough and demanded too much so he shut down. We saw each other one last time and hooked up one last time and I was emotional/crying even though I was trying to keep my cool. He'd cried earlier when he talked about what I'd done to hurt him, but didn't before we left and said goodbye and was in a hurry to leave. I was emotional when he left and didn't say "i love you" back which I regret.

Anyway I don't know how to move on fully becuase there wasn't much closure and I feel like I should apologize to him for what I did to hurt him so he doesn't view me As someone who was hurtful. I feel weird because we hooked up and he said he loved me a bunch before we broke up which didn't help me not feel anything. How can I move on if I feel bad about some of the things I did and if I know I still love him? He's literally the only guy I've wanted.


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  • Well he wasn't willing to compromise with you that's just the way it goes


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