Not sure what to think of this?

Me and my ex were breaking up for good reason, he cried when he explained how I hurt him, we ended up hooking up, cuddling for a minute after, and he told me he has to move on but he will always love me, still does, and very much wants to be friends becuase I'm his best friend. He said he still holds out some hope we can somehow be together someday. He was not emotional near the end (after sex) and I was trying to hold it together but ended up crying before he left. He had to leave or he'd get in trouble and was in a hurry and said he loved me a bunch of times and left and I didn't say I love you back because i was trying to keep it together.

Now we haven't talked for days. He said he wanted a break before we try to be friends and hasn't spoken to me at all. Should I wait until he contacts me one day? I was thinking of messaging him apologzing for what I'd done to hurt him and telling him we can be friends someday, since I didn't say really anything like that when he saw me the last time. He mentioned he "moved on" the other night when I blocked him and he tried calling me a bunch and assumed I was done with him but says he is also still in love, loves me, wants to be friends, and holds out some hope for a romantic future.. should I even believe him?
Not sure what to think of this?
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