What is happening with us?

During summer school me and this guy hit it of great. we became bestfriends and two weeks later he asked me out. He said that he WOULDN'T ever think about hurting me and he takes the word I love you very seriously like me. We where going through a hard time, and on Friday when he dropped me off at my house he started saying he's not going to have enough time for me and it not fair. When I don't care about the time. I CHERISHED the 10 minutes I had with him. he's really busy and he's going through stuff. He started crying infront of me when we had to break up.

we still text each other and hangout. He still puts his arms around me and hugs me, he lets me kiss him on the cheek. He told me that he still loves me A LOT and that he's still attached to me.
I want him back more than anything, I truly love this guy. We had sex together for the very first time when we where together. I asked him what he sees when he looks Into my eyes he said "that you love me."

I kept telling him to come back so we can work this out. He told me the more I ask the more I push him away. he told me that he's far to the point where it's uncomfortable.

We talk and laugh, we love each other. & I don't know what to do.

He says I love you back and he makes time for us to hangout (he didn't do that when we where together)

what is he trying to do?
What is happening with us?
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