Understanding preferences?

after a breakup and an arrange marriage break down in 15days , i felt that i am not good enough.. pending on divorce.. i feel no one else is ready to get into relationship with me... and i feel insecured... and if i ever have sex , they would leave me... and since then i started controlling my emotions.. and i forcefully make myself think that i should change my preferences to women... but bad relationships with my mother... makes me not even trust women... i abuse myself physically... so that my needs get minimized.. but i get more irritated.. and i start making myself disgusted of sex so that even if i feel the need... the disgust keeps me away from getting myself emotionally hurt!!! what should i do?


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  • you are totally frustrated if you are thinking like this.
    a simple breakup and divorce doesn't proves that you are bad.
    it is your negative emotions that you feels that no one else is ready get into relationship with you. you are feeling insecure because you are alone and nobody was their to stand with you in your bad time. sex is as not so much important in a relationship it is just a bodily need like food. you have no need to abuse yourself you will have to take a stand for you and it is better for you if you know yourself. you will have to spend some time alone and give some rest to your mind and than try to solve your problems one by one without taking any metal stress...


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  • Go seek professional help.


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