She loves me but I dont :/?

how do i tell her that really? i can't destroy someones Heart! but im not in love what do i say to not hurt her? its very hard i need advice


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  • You should have showed her since from the beginning that you're not in to any feelings. But now you'll have to break her feelings

    • i really didn't thats the problem and i didn't know before 2-3 montsh i got shocked i really just was my self the human being i am that all i didn't Even kiss her i look at her as a friend and we was friends and still friend but i know she loves me because another friend told me

    • such a coincidence.. lol... I have a colleague who has feelings for me I know it because another colleague told me, I really never showed feelings for him and I don't even feel anything for him...

    • But since I've known this I stay away from him I show him no such connections or feelings

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  • I know it's hard but if you don't feel the same way about her you should tell her. She deserves that much. I know it must be hard for you too. But if she really likes you then she'll keep liking you and that feeling will grow for her every second. The sooner you tell her, the less hurt she would be. Hope it goes well mate.

    • if i do it i Will break her Heart and i can't live with that mate because se is awesome but she isn't right for me to go in relationship :/ but how do i say so IT dosent hurt? thats the problem haha i feel really bad because i need to do it some way

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    • The sad part is that there is no good way to tell her. Its the truth that will hurt to be honest.

    • i know i gotta do what i gotta do right? :(

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  • Just tell her. It is better than hiding it, and not telling her.

    • i know but its hard tho very hard

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    • Bad grammer... lol
      Yes, tell her face to face. It is always better that way.

    • Grammar**
      Now, I am the one with bad grammar. 😂

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  • hmm. I had the exact situation, only the gender was reversed, she didn't love me. And I really wish if she would have told me a lot earlier than leading me on. I would have really appreciated that. Now I hate her the most in the world. Just remembering her, burns me inside. So rather not have this, and confess to her. 🤔 Good luck buddy!!

  • yes it is hard but it's very much necessary for her. most probably you giving her soft corner and you would be kind hearted that's why she is getting attracted to you. give her gestures as you are a friend and during talks tell her that you are loving someone else.

    • if i say i love someone Else she Will not be able to take IT because i have Been so Nice u have no idea mate :/

    • this is what I want to say don't be nice. being nice is actually the problem. Learn to say No. this is better for both of you. Being nice is actually your weakness.

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