Is my boyfriend cheating?

me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and he lives far away (bath) last week I found out he has been going on live web cam sites and giving his number out for phone sex he denies it but there is pictures on there of him and I know its him and he is still denying it I just want him to admit cause I love him but can't be with someone like that


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  • If you are sure it is him, whether he denies it or not, you probably should finish with him and find someone who will treat you properly. If you need to have some sort of closure then confront him with the evidence by all means (assuming he isn't likely to turn violent or really nasty).

    I'm sure he gets lonely when you are apart, and men do need the physical release of ejaculation at times . This varies from man to man and is a basic need that most men can't fight completely. However, masturbation can solve this, he doesn't need anything else. Phone sex and cam sex is being unfaithful, don't let him tell you it isn't..

    You may love him, but don't let him show you such disrespect.


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  • You would be amazed at home many guys do that. They think it isn't cheating because there is no touching. It starts with that, then sooner of later it will lead to more. Dump him.

    • Ye but I just want him 2 amit it and then I will feel a lot better

  • If you are paranoid about the situation and you can't trust him than there is no use in stressing yourself out if he is just going to stick to his story. The real question is if you are going to stay with him and put up with that crap..If you are not prepared and he still is being shady there are more people out there that can give you the respect that you deserve. No use in hounding him for answers because, say if he really isn't doing anything, you can push your relationship into turmoil by continuously nagging and accusing. Don't go all crazy detective on him lol...if the evidence is already there leave him..he'll regret it


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