How do I get my ex boyfriend off my mind? It's making my head hurt.

This might be long so you can skim through it if you like:

I was best friends with this guy for years. Then we started to like each other and dated for months. He broke up with me because the relationship didn't exactly work. He knew he was a bad boyfriend. He would ignore me a lot and barely spend time with me, We agreed that our friendship was better and we would go back to being friends. We're taking space before we jump right back into being friends but it's just so hard because I'm having trouble getting over him. I want to be able to get over him and go back to being friends but first I need to know how I can forget about our relationship for a little while. All I can remember is the good times we had when we dated. I've been thinking about it so much that my head is starting to hurt. How can I just forget about him?

I've gotten rid of pictures of him and all of his stuff

I'm also not used to not being able to hang out with him all the time like we used to.

Whenever I ask him to hang out it seems like he doesn't understand that I actually do want to get over him and just go back to friends. I feel like if we hang out as just friends I can get used to it. And he just keeps asking for more space.. and it's been months since the break up now.

I want things to be back to the way they were before we dated. I miss being his best friend a lot more.

I want to know when he will be done with this "space" if he'll ever want to hang out with me again like old times. He says he wants to be able to do that but he needs time... this is taking forever I feel like and I can't get it off my mind.


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  • get a new boyfriend or go on a trip or find a new hobby to keep you busy


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  • if you want to get over him, stop seeing him. stay away from him for awhile. if you stay around him, you may never get over him


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  • I went through a break up kinda like this. Stop trying to hang out with the guy! Enjoy time with your friends or make a list of things you wanna do this summer or even in your lifetime and start doing them. Volunteering also helped me. Try to meet new people. You two probably aren't going to be friends for awhile. Stop dwelling and move on to better things


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