When your significant other stops loving you?

So, weird situation and long story short. Husband and I got into an argument and he is now talking to me again after 3 days. When we get into arguments he does not like to talk about or reflect on it. Which is understandable. Recently, he stop saying that he loves me. I'm in flight mode and I feel like if he is not in love with me then he should order the divorce paper and we both can move our separate ways. it's hurting just to live with someone who is not tied emotionally. We were talking about relationships stuff and then stated that it is possible to be married and fall in love with someone else. What does this mean?


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  • Recently had something similar happen. If you love him, you should try to fight for your marriage and mend what is broken. I would not start seeing other people while legally married if you are going to divorce, that will make it worse as one of you could list adultery as the cause instead of irretrievably broken.

    I did everything I could to save my marriage, but she didn't want to save it and had to let it go. It takes two to make it work. May be beneficial to see a counselor or a mediator to discuss the issues in your relationship.


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  • It means that it's about time you record yourself deep throating your father-in-law, show your hubby the video and tell him you filing for divorce because you love his old man's dick better.


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